Simply a better sleep experience

Thermal comfort
all night long
Powered by Apple Watch®
Pepaminto feels the beat of your heart to support the sleep of your dreams.
Sleep tight all night every night
So easy to set up your ideal sleep temperature with just a few quick taps.
Pepaminto senses the changes in your body and takes care of you through the night.
A touch of your watch and the beat of your heart creates a sleep experience that's unique to you.
And every night's sleep is more refreshing with Pepaminto checking air quality in your room.
It’s so easy to use the app and mattress topper, I set it up in just a few seconds!
My body was always too warm, and my feet were too cold! Now I’m just right all night long.


Individually effortless sleep from head to toe
Pepaminto learns what complete comfort feels like for you
Affordable and easy to use
Using energy
saving USB-C
Pepaminto syncs your Apple Watch and mattress topper in seconds.
Comfort with your eyes closed
Super simple set-up means you're ready to snooze straight away.
Just wear your Apple Watch to bed and Pepaminto will do the rest.
Let Pepaminto's notifications guide you to your perfect sleep experience.
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